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Climb Kilimanjaro

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Jun 04 2018

Jun 11 2018

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I am Shukraan and I am going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with my Partner in support of Mental Illness. We are funding the trip entirely and every penny raised will go directly to the charity.

Mental Illness and Schizophrenia have had a significant effect on my life in the past few years. My brother Saif, who is now 26 years old, was diagnosed with initial psychosis in September 2016, he started medication immediately. It was the most devastating news my family and I had to deal with. Life as we knew it was fundamentally changed, my entire family including myself had to endure the possibility of losing him forever. His case progressed severely in no time and doctors were not very optimistic about recovery. Where I come from this is something no one speaks of or shares, we had to deal with it quietly on our own.

Saif is a good person, he never abused drugs or alcohol, he never hurt anyone and was always a kind young man. After 3 months of medication and monitoring, Saif started to get better. The illusions stopped, but the voices still come and go, with therapy, medication and the loving support of the family he started to progress on his journey of healing. His illness has stabilised over the past 2 years, but unfortunately will never completely heal. Saif still shows some signs of depression and inability to communicate freely with strangers or even have a job so far, but we always have hope.

Mental Illness is difficult to understand unless you experience it first-hand. The purpose of fundraising is not only to gain financial support, but also awareness and psychological support. I am hopeful that this can help people learn about mental illness, without prejudice, and understand some of the early symptoms of Schizophrenia and who is more prone to it. The earlier the intervention, the higher the odds of recovery, but if it happens, the pain you and your loved ones will endure is unbearable, and the journey your loved one has to go through is one of the hardest there is. Testing your patience and resilience, a continuous rocky journey, a bit like climbing a mountain like Kilimanjaro! Which can end with great satisfaction and sense of achievement.

I am doing this for Saif, and everyone who is as magnificent as Saif. I wish and hope you will consider sponsoring and supporting me and my partner. I would love to help others in understanding this illness and share personal details of our story with those who may need and benefit from it. Whether it is you or a loved one suffering from a mental illness or on a journey of recovery. Family of mental health patients are almost as affected by the illness as the patients themselves, but I tell you this; you can beat it, you can reach an acceptable state of stability if not complete recovery, just believe, have great deal of hope and patience and seek support.

Thank you for your support;

Shukraan & Ian

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Fundraising: Donations are accepted until 11 Jun 2018

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