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Rushmoor Healthy Living Fitness Challenge!

Step up your fitness this week! RHL's event has a variety of challenges available - from upping your daily steps count to circuit challenges simply pick one that suits you! PLUS  anyone who raises over £15 in sponsorship being entered into a draw for some fab prizes....

RHL Great Step Challenge 2018 - A step towards fitness!

The RHL Great Step Challenge is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness/ ability. It will not only raise money for RHL, but will also help participants take a step towards increasing their fitness whilst having lots of fun.

Participants can choose between three challenges:

1- ‘RHL’s Step Challenge’ - this challenge is suitable for children aged 11+ and adults. All you need is a pedometer, a fitness watch which counts steps or a phone suitable for downloading a free pedometer app. The challenge involves walking the government’s recommended 10,000 steps each day for 7 days - or choose your own target number of steps!

2- ‘RHL's Move It Challenge’ - this challenge is suitable for all adults. It provides an alternative to the Step Challenge. It offers options for both standing and seated exercise with varying levels of difficulty. Simply complete 10 minutes of additional activity per day, choosing from a range of suggested exercise ideas. Pick what suits you!

3- ‘RHL’s 10 Minute Challenge’ - targeted at ages 3 to 18, this challenge gets children and teenagers doing a 10 minute circuit of vigorous activity each day for 7 days. Easily broken up into 1 minute segments, this challenge is all about having fun! There are different versions available for different ages.


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