William Riley

RAG sleepout

For Barnabus

Oct 21 2016

Oct 22 2016

I'm taking part in the RAG Sleep out Challenge with the university. This involves sleeping rough for the night armed with nothing but a sleeping bag and more than a few layers. The aim of this is to gain insight into what its like to sleep rough and also to raise awareness of the huge issue that is homelessness in Manchester. 
I'm fundraising for a great local charity called Barnabus who provide support for hundreds of homeless people across Manchester. If you fancy dropping me a few quid that'd be much appreciated.

Event Location: Lancashire

Event Category: Fun Challenges > Endurance Test (e.g. staying awake, standing up, reading)

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Money raised: £55.00

  • Hope the floor's as comfortable as the tent!

    Dad, 21 Oct 2016

    £5.00 Gift Aid

  • stay safe!

    the Butterworths, 21 Oct 2016

    £2.50 Gift Aid

  • I'm so proud of you for doing this - also really worried for you - take care! xxxx

    Mother!, 21 Oct 2016

    £5.00 Gift Aid

  • Bill, 20 Oct 2016

    £0.00 Gift Aid