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Breast Cancer Awareness month


breast awareness month

Nearly 6,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer itís the most common cancer in women in the UK. This October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month itís time to understand the facts, where you can seek help & advice and find fundraising events which provide funds towards the prevention of the disease. 

Pink Products

This October look out for pink products which donate money directly to research to prevent breast cancer. Pick up a treat for yourself or spoil someone special with a range of pink items available for your home or lifestyle, beauty or fashion products from Breast Cancer Care. Some items will be available in store so look out for products from t-shirts to bread, with the pink ribbon on it.


Wear it pink

Last year thousands of people took to their office, school and home in a fabulous array of pink and on Friday 21st October you can join them too! Get your colleagues involved at work by encouraging them to bake, eat or buy something pink. There are  even suggestions on how to get your boss on board to support the cause.

Get yourself checked out

Women between the ages of 50-70 are invited for a mammogram every 3 years as part of the UK NHS breast cancer screening programme but you can also look out for changes in your breasts by frequently checking yourself and start understanding what your breasts feel like normally and when you get your period so you can then spot any changes. The NHS have also created a Be Breast aware leaflet so you can understand what to look out for.


Help and Support

If you have concerns and feel worried about your breast health there is a range of support available to you. Seek professional advice and consultation from your doctor, talk to a team of cancer specialists nurses from Cancer Research UK  and download the Breast Check Now app from Breast Cancer Care.





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Madison said at 18:25 on 02 October 2016

Thanks for sharing, breast cancer awareness is so important and it is remarkable all the different efforts and programs that are available during awareness month, no matter your gender or age you should be informed and encourage other women in your life to do the same. There are so many simple things you can do to be safe and help other women.

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